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Error 404, Jedi style, at github


Github webmasters proved to be very original, error 404 is more convincing than ever...

github - error 404

Appart from being one of the most revolutionary websites in the last years in the field of collaborative development (thanks to Linus Torvalds' git), you have to admit that their design is quite a lot curious and pleasant.

The Sea and Cake - Coconut (Everybody, 2007)


Yeah, this content is a bit old, but the point is that again I've been surprised with my updating with "The Sea And Cake" videos. "Coconut" is a precious song from the "Everybody" album, and I would have never imagined for it such a disconcerting video. It is really difficult to remain paying attention to the music with so much distraction around, so many piled up animated gifs, like a living and rainbow-colored museum full of the tacky web style of the 90's. Which is the message in all this stuff? There must be something behind...

Bonnie Prince Billy - Agnes queen of sorrow (2004 version)



This week I'm listening to Will Oldham, a.k.a. Bonnie "Prince" Billy, quite a lot, and I bumped into this video, certainly obscure, but in the end a precious and sad song of love and devotion.

The Sea and Cake - Weekend (Car Alarm, 2008)


This is a group for whom I feel a certain periodic addiction, one of those groups that you revisit from time to time because they're somehow special for you. The cool touch, the sweet mixture of indie pop, dance mucis, jazz... Songs that enter like a breeze and make you moved before you can realize.

After the wonderful "Everybody", one of muy favourite albums from 2007, I didn't heard anything new about them , and suddenly, browsing in youtube I found this amazing theme from "Car Alarm", more electronic, made just one year after, with a hypnotic-nostalgic video that sincerely shocked me... Ahhh, those summer days in Ruidera... To mention the drums of this song, so so catchy!

total numbers of entries : 4
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