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My personal homepage with DokuWiki

At last, after several tests and tricks, I publish my brand new personal web page using DokuWiki.

Tumblr, Wordpress… Why making life more complicated? Well, first due to a sort of personal and professional challenge. Also to not to depend on an external service, yet have to admit that Tumblr is really beautiful.

Other reason is that I wanted something more than a blog: a lightweight multilingual CMS in order to implement a kind of bliki (I love this term).

I also didn't want to run it on a database, I wanted to use file storage, so that I can now keep a Mercurial repository with all the website so that I can edit it offline (either using web interface or other editor) and then comfortably incorporate changes to the website, and viceversa, I can synchronize changes with just a click or two.

Offline editing is becoming specially delightful for photo albums and big size files: I create them quickly locally and once they are ready, just sync repositories. For the moment it is working pretty well.

Posted 2011-09-05 22:18 · Oscar
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