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My tune "NonStopNokia" for the contest "Nokia Tune Remake"

I got aware of this initiative thanks to my friend Jorge. At first I thought Nokia was seeking for a brand new tune, and I clearly imagined myself uploading one of the songs I have around my head these days.

But not, the thing is to go around the most listened tune daily in the world that by the way, and as César clarified us with this article, is an excerpt from ”Gran Vals”, a work by Spanish musician Francisco Tárrega, yep, the same one that composed the extremely beautiful ”Recuerdos de la Alhambra”, versioned by Mike Oldfield in an indigenous fashion for “The killing fields” OST, and also known in Spain as the hymn of a wiener maker company.

Well, here you have the 18 seconds tune: NonStopNokia.

The tune has its own history: lead tune is held by organ. It consists on the original one form Nokia, doubling the number of notes by repeating each two, a sort of echo effect, with the goal of creating more counterpoint and making it more rhythmical, more suitable for dancing.

Now that I'm a Mac OS X user, I created the tune with Garageband. Appart from the drum sample, I also put bass, strings and electric piano tracks. I played all of them with my MIDI keyboard. I did not follow the original chords, gave my own style to get a different feeling.

Did you like it?… If so… why don't you vote for me? The contest is due at the beginning of October '11. But, well.. I´m not hopeful at all, I'm just glad for having enjoyed so much and how proud I am with the result.

Posted 2011-09-08 04:45 · Oscar
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